Welcome to my website!
      Hi my name is Massimo and this is my web page where you can check some of my works.
      I'm a character animator but I also have other interests as movies, puppets, photography and recently I discovered
      speedcubing...yeah I'm one of that "crazy guy" trying to solve the rubik's cube as fast as I can :D
      Anyway I really love creating characters ang give them life, it's something really incredible!!
      I hope you enjoy the visit!


    -Added my new demoreel in the Porfolio and updated my curriculum in About me.
    -Added a new animation in the Porfolio and corrected some links in the Links' page.
    -Finally some time to give another look to the page and add some new stuff!
    I just finished to work at Mercury Steam as character animator and I'm looking for job so if you interested just don't
    hesitate in contacting me